For beginner and professional line dancers, there are many free printable stepsheets online. Here are the best websites that we found that offer free sheets. Tell us in the comments if you know of any other that belong on this list. 🙂


1. Line Dancer Web:

They have a searchable database of line dance scripts.

2. Copper Knob Stepsheets:

Download the new app to search over 70,000 stepsheets!

3. Mark Cosenza:

A member of the NFA, Mark offers stepsheets, videos and MP3 music files to go along with the instructions.

4. Kick It:

Visitors have to register with the site in order to view the stepsheets, but there are over 98,000 dances and over 20,000 dance videos, so it’s worth it.

5. Blazing Boots Classic Scripts: and here are the latest additions:

6. Bill Bader’s list of dances includes suggested songs from the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s.

7. is dedicated to the line dance versions you will find being danced in country bars local to Southern California

8. Christine’s Dancers features stepsheets and videos from A-Z.

9. Scooter Lee: This singer, songwriter, and entertainer shares her favorite dances:

10. Aussie Dance Sheets: A long list of dances, including older and brand new.

For beginners, here is line dance lingo explained:

In this video Robert Royston explains how to read stepsheets:

Have Fun! 🙂

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