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About Us
National FastDance Association

Founded by Bill Maddox in 1998, the National FastDance Association (NFA) is the largest dance organization of its kind in America. Our mission has been to promote and pass along the various forms of fast dancing to future generations, as well as to provide our members with discounted music licensing and access to liability insurance. We have recently expanded – our licenses will now be extended to all types of dances and dancers.

For more than 26 years we have had a relationship with the three national PRO’s (Performing Rights Organizations), ASCAP, BMI, and SESACThey are in the business of enforcing Federal Music Copyright Laws by issuing licenses to present copyrighted music. The NFA has obtained Blanket License Agreements with the three performing rights organizations and we offer our members tremendous savings on these music licenses for their clubs and events. We are able to hold down the cost of fees because we have so many dancers under our national licensing umbrella. 

We are amazed and delighted at the resurgence of interest and participation in swing dance styles in the last couple of decades. Where there were once pockets here or there of Boppers, Swingers, Shaggers, etc., we now are seeing a proliferation of dance organizations and major events all across America. There are many parties and events for our dancers all around the country every weekend.

The Shag has moved Westward out of the Carolinas. Shaggers can be found as far North as New England and as far West as St. Louis and Utah. The Bop has extended its popularity out of the Southeast into the Northeast and Midwest. The Lindy or Lindy Hop is enjoyed all along the Eastern and Western seaboards. The Push and Whip are spreading in Texas and beyond. The Jitterbug, once nearly extinct, has had a rebirth in Chicago and areas of the Southeast. The Swing, whether East or West Coast, is currently the fastest growing fast dance style. Swing dance clubs can now be found in every major city.

Many dance conventions are offering spectacular and sophisticated national competitions for our dancers. The shag and swing communities are doing a great job in bringing in younger dancers in their teens. They are contributing a new excitement and vitality and are taking our dances to new levels of performance and enjoyment. Our basic 6- and 8-count dance styles make transitioning from one dance style to another very easy. East Coast dancers can dance with Shaggers. Boppers and Hand Dancers can easily dance with West Coasters. Jitterbuggers and Lindy Hoppers can play off one another. The dances and music (all triple-count for the most part), are all coming together to make a great blend and mixture of fast dance styles. 

We feel strongly about our dance & music heritage, and the need to keep it alive and vibrant.

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Maria Blackwell
4 Jan 2019
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Awesome services that the NFA provides. Relief to know that we can all do the right thing and have it be affordable. Thank you!
Portland Swing Project
28 Jul 2017
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Thanks so much for all the work you do. I was a bit stressed this week when contacted by ASCAP and was relieved to hear about NFA as a way to continue building our dance community.
DC Hand Dance Club
14 Dec 2018
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A wonderful group that helps us keep up with what is happening on the dancing front! They help members to be involved and get our dances out there for others to see! It is well worth the cost of membership for all they do for you!
Liz Deilke
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They provide an invaluable service that ensures we don't violate any piracy or trademark laws. They streamline our account process and are a great resource for any dance related questions. Sandy is very responsive and the newsletter is fantastic.
Jenell Maranto
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The National FastDance Association is a great organization. Always striving to bring the fun and excitement of dance to all.
Glen Miller
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Great and convenient to have all license and documentation from one source for both local and national events. Been working with National Fast Dance for over 10 years. Great service.

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