Music licensing

Music Licensing
How it all works

Copyright laws require music users to have permission from songwriters and publishers in order to play their music publicly. Music artists in America usually join one of the three performing rights organizations, ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC. The National FastDance Association has entered into Licensing Agreements with all three organizations so that our members may come under the umbrella of protection that our Licensing Agreements provide.

To obtain music licensing from the NFA,  we ask for a Participation Agreement acknowledging that the member wishes to comply with National Copyright Laws. If you are completing the application online, the Participation Agreements are included. If you would rather print the Participation agreement(s), the links are below.  One form is required for parties/dances/classes and a different form is required for events.

In order to purchase music licensing, you must first be a member of the NFA.

Music licensing fees for parties, dances, and classes are determined as follows:
        Total number of annual attendees  x   .28 cents per attendee = Total music licensing fees

Multiply the number of yearly parties + dances + classes by the estimated attendance at each. 
This equals the total annual attendees. Next, multiply the total attendees by .28 cents, this equals the total licensing fees due.


  • Number of dances per year (Example: 10)  x  Average attendance at each  (Example: 10) 
    =  the total number of annual
     attendees (Example: 100)
  • Total number of annual attendees  (Example: 100)   x   .28 cents per attendee 
    =  $28.00 Total licensing fees


Music licensing fees for events are determined as follows:
        Total number of estimated annual attendees   x   .28 cents per attendee   =   Total licensing fees
Printable versions of our licensing agreements