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The National FastDance Association (NFA) is the largest dance organization of its kind in America. We offer dancers, social dance clubs, and events discounted prices on ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC music licenses for their dance activities. We have been proudly partnering with the national dance community since 1998, and we are committed to continued excellence in service and partnership for many years to come!


Find an event near you! All events are licensed by ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC through their NFA affiliation.



Club Membership is preferred for social dance clubs. In order to obtain music licenses, a membership is required.



Supporting Membership is for individuals (i.e. instructors, deejays, vendors), organizations, and event host(s).


It's The Law!

Did You Know?

Hosts/sponsors of multi-day dance events, social dance clubs, dance instructors and deejays are required by U.S. Copyright Law to have permission from the artists to play music at classes, parties, and events? Yes, that is the law. The National FastDance Association (NFA) provides these permissions, i.e. music licenses to dance clubs, dance events and instructors, as well as deejays. We help our affiliates to save money on these music licenses, often saving them more than 50% of what they would pay by going direct to the PRO’s. 



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What We Believe

We believe in supporting publishers and songwriters for the music they provide so we can continue to dance and enjoy their music. We believe they have earned and are entitled to their music royalties, monies distributed to them by ASCAP, BMI and SESAC, the three largest  Performing Rights Organizations (PRO’s) in America.  Every Fall we negotiate licensing fees with the PRO reps.  With over 400,000 dancers under our national music licensing umbrella, we are in a strong negotiating position to ensure that  our affiliates benefit by keeping licensing costs to a minimum.

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Membership & Licensing


We invite YOU to join our community of dancers!

Add yourself, your organization or your event to start receiving the benefits of NFA membership. Use our online PayPal account form, printable forms, or contact us by email or phone. Club Membership is preferred for social dance clubs. Supporting Membership is for individuals (i.e. instructors, deejays, vendors), organizations, and event host(s). In order to obtain music licenses, a membership is required.

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Music Licensing

Copyright laws require music users to have permission from songwriters and publishers in order to play their music publicly. Music artists in America usually join one of the three performing rights organizations, ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC. The National FastDance Association has entered into Licensing Agreements with all three organizations so that our members may come under the umbrella of protection that our Licensing Agreements provide. Music licenses can be secured for dances, parties, and classes, as well as for multi-day events. Our prices are much lower than the PRO's, so its a great deal and an inexpensive way to avoid unnecessary risks.


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“How to respond to a letter from ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC”

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We provide licenses for an array of dance styles and music genres: Line Dance, West Coast Swing, Country Western, Latin, Bop Ballroom, Jitterbug, and so many more!

Happy Testimonials


John Tavares Lindo
John Tavares Lindo
5 Dec 2018
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National FastDance Association is a great organization, they have saved me a lot of time by being able to take care of all of my music licensing for events in one location. Thank you for all you do for us.
Boston Lindy Hop
Boston Lindy Hop
22 May 2018
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The National FastDance Association has been easy to work with the last two years and provide an invaluable service in properly handling music licensing for our dance events. I recommend working with them to ensure you are fulfilling your responsibilities for music licensing and their additional networking benefits are a nice plus!
Dance Shoes of Tennessee
Dance Shoes of Tennessee
18 Apr 2018
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The National FastDance Association staff is always most helpful to their members and the dance community in general by providing support, publicly, encouragement and much more! They are very accessible and prompt in working with you. The Staff and Association are most essential to the dance community! We couldn’t be more pleased!
Downbeat Vintage Swing Society
Downbeat Vintage Swing Society
6 Nov 2018
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Thank you for providing very reasonable prices for music licensing! It's nice to know we are able to support swing dancing and the ones producing the music we dance to!
Bozeman Swing
Bozeman Swing
10 May 2017
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We belong to the National Fast Dance Association. They support dance groups of all shapes and sizes by making sure we can play music legally. They are also super friendly and like to let all of their members know what is happening where!
Ft. Wayne Dance for All
Ft. Wayne Dance for All
21 Nov 2018
Read More
Great having someone help with all the responsibilities of music licensing for events. Always better safe then sorry (plus it's the right thing to do!)...Additionally, the added marketing to lots of other dancers is a big PLUS! Thank You!
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