What People Say About The NFA

“NFDA products are very well priced for dance clubs versus trying to make restitution with each member of the music community “

Wayne Bennett, Ziggy Mahoney’s

“The National FastDance Association is a God-send for dance clubs and events.”

Paulette Brockington, A Company of Dancers

National FastDance Association is a great group to work with — Capital City Shag Club

Will DiMirra

Not many people know that licensing is required if you play music for teaching … even if it’s “just” a private lesson, The National FastDance Association has made being legal affordable and painless. Copyrights are protected for a reason and it’s good to know that we can all do the right thing.

Maria Blackwell

Great having someone help with all the responsibilities of music licensing for events. Always better safe then sorry (pus it’s the right thing to do!)…Additionally, the added marketing to lots of other dancers is a big PLUS! Thank You!

Jamie Basham Marshall
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