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Our Insurance Programs

Please note that the business of the National FastDance Association is the preservation and promotion of our varied dance styles and music. We are not in the health or life insurance business. However, nationwide, millions of Americans are underinsured or totally lack insurance. Due to the age range that is found in our particular national dance community, we are more at risk than the average American is. Realizing this, the National FastDance Association has taken steps to secure and provide a broad range of insurance benefits, the cost of which is minimized due to the fact that, as a whole, we are a very large and demographically diverse group.

A member of our Advisory Committee, Mr. Gene Lusk, has put together an assortment of insurance programs that should be of particular interest to our affiliated member clubs and organizations. Gene is licensed with Americo., Great American Insurance Co., Illinois Mutual, Continental Life Insurance Co., Life of the South Insurance Co., Conseco, United American, Lincoln Heritage and others. For additional information and coverages, contact Gene at 919-676-0858. These programs and discount rates are only available to those affiliated with the National FastDance Association. A sampling of the programs available are:

Life Insurance:
Whole Life | Level Term | Decreasing Term | Mortgage Protection

15-20-30-year plans. Rates are based on age and smoker or non-smoker. Pre-existing conditions such as cancer, heart attack, stroke or diabetes will not qualify.

Final Expense:

For burial and other expenses at the time of death. Amount available range is $2,000-15,000 for qualified individuals.

Health Insurance:

$10,000,000 lifetime coverage for those who qualify. This is an 80/20 program with deductibles of $2,000-10,000. Rates are based on age and smoker or non-smoker. Features a $15.00 co-pay, up to 20% discount on dental and prescriptions, emergency room coverage and outpatient day surgery, etc.

Discount Service:

This program is for those individuals who cannot otherwise qualify. It is available through a nationwide network of doctors and hospitals who honor PHC�s and PPO�s. Savings of up to 80% can be realized. On Medical and Dental there are: no pre-existing conditions, waiting periods, contracts, claim forms, age limits or deductibles. This program is not insurance. Currently, monthly rates are as low as $54.


Many of those self-employed can obtain Employer/Employee Health Benefits through this program.

Event Liability Insurance:

The NFA is currently working to obtain this coverage for our affiliated members and their events. We recognize that no event disclaimer can really protect a club from a lawsuit due to someone being injured at an event. This coverage is in the developmental stages and it appears that reasonable annual premiums will be based, like most insurance, on numbers and participation. Most of our affiliated members understand the need for this type of insurance and have encouraged us to continue our research and development. We will keep everyone advised as we progress in this effort.